Utah is home to many different land areas, or habitats.  The habitats that we will talk about in this virtual field trip of utah are deserts, forest, and wetlands.  There are many plants and animals which live in each of these habitats that we will also be able to see and research more about.  These plants and animals have to adapt differently to their environments in order to live.  On this site you will find fun and useful information to know about these different areas, plants, and animals!  Use this information to help you fill out your "My Plants and Animals" notebook.  I hope you enjoy learning about the different plants, animals, and land areas we are able to see in our beautiful state!  Keep your eyes open for important vocabulary words as well.  In each habitat there will be underlined words which you might not understand.  If you click on the word, it will take you to a vocabulary page which will help you understand its meaning.  You will notice a picture that looks like this on the bottom of each page.  Click on it to return to this page and read more about other habitats, plants, and animals.

Let's get started!  Choose from the locations below and learn more about its characteristics, and plants and animals!  There is a vocabulary section at the beginning of your book so be sure to write them down as you come upon them!

 Desert Forest Wetlands
 Desert Habitat
 Forest Habitat

 Wetland Habitat

Desert Plants and Animals

 Forest Plants and Animals
 Wetlands Plants and Animals