Search( by Name + Lat & Long)

You can position yourself in one of four ways -

This will automatically place your position on the map using the Gps system.

When this is selected you can place yourself any where in the map just by touching the map.

3.Locate by Latitude and Longitude
Go to the Map display and select
Goto LatLong from the Menu.
Enter the Latitude and Longitude then
press Ok.
To use this, first select Manual (as Auto would override your selection).
Then press the top left hand Search button
to display the search screen.

As you enter your Search address a list of possible matching addresses will appear.
You can then click on the  the list or press the Search button  to start the search.

Which will then be displayed.

To take a picture press the Camera button.Then return to the Map screen. Or just press the  New pin button to place a numbered pin at this point.

To see your new location along with any others and their associated pictures in StreetView  just press the 5th bottom  yellow pegman button