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This new version v1.0.63 is NOW available
on the Android Market  AND
soon to be available on SAMSUNG APPS.
Quick Summary
Now with map view showing distances  and video recording & playback.
Increased Map Height
Directions/Navigation Button 
 Local restaurants,pubs and more Button
1NOW Display ANY  Pictures OR Videos From Your Phone in Google Maps and Street View.
2. Reposition your Pictures OR Videos in  Google Maps and Street View.
3. Tap Picture//Video to enter your tags and Add/Change Picture/Video.
4. Top row Pegman brings up Google Street View at your current position.
5. Bottom row Pegman brings up Street View with your pictures.

Put Your Self In Google StreetView & Maps Then Share
Welcome to Street View Zone where you can view, manipulate and reposition your pictures in StreetView then share them with E-Mail, MMS or upload to Facebook or Twitter To do this you just need to go to the Map screen and take one or more pictures using  the Cam button. 
First, select StreetView 1 from the opening screen and press Continue.
Note-.Use the Menu to change the world view
eg No Clouds or Night Time. 
This will display the Map screen showing your position with a blue dot and the message Here I Am. 

To take a Picture OR Video press the Camera button, select then press Ok
Or just press the New pin button to place a numbered pin at this point..
Once the Picture OR Video has been taken, press Save to return  to the Map screen.

To Play Back the Video or Display the 
Picture taken by the Camera, select the 
Gallery button ( 4th button on bottom row ) , select from the gallery and then press 

You will see a Pin where you took your picture. Touching the Pin will display the picture.
Now press Share (the top green button) to share  this Screen Shot with E-MailMMS or upload to Facebook or Twitter with the latitude & longitude values.

Now StreetView Share
Now press the yellow bottom row Pegman for StreetView with Pictures.
Now you can change the pictures Width and Height by using the buttons on the right. Pressing the Opaque button makes the picture partly transparent for lining up against the background. You can move the picture and the background by dragging them around. Pressing Save View will save this View while you are in StreetView.
You can move to another  Pin by selecting the Pin Number fron the drop down list box. 
Now press Share to share  this Screen Shot with E-MailMMS or upload to Facebook or Twitter 

Scrolling down by dragging the Right Scroll upwards displays the MapView.
This displays the  Pin with it's picture at a distance of 0 meters from the previous Pin and an accumulated distance of (0) meters from the first Pin. Touching the X on the picture, removes it. Touching the Pin with Map/Street set to Map makes the picture reappear.
Touching the Pin with Map/Street set to Street shows you where the picture was taken in StreetView.

Local restaurants,pubs and more
To get Local restaurants,pubs and more,press the Information Button (bottom left first button) and follow instructions.

To get Directions/Navigation,press the Directions Button (bottom left second button) and follow instructions.
NOTE- If the Blue Arrow does not appear for Directions when the new Google Map loads then press the Menu Button and select Directions.