New Features

NEW - Map View With Distances And Latitude/Longitude.
From the Map View press the Pegman/Gallery Button (5th button on bottom row), and select MapView with Pin List then press Ok.
This will display the image below showing the Distance From Previous Pin, the Total Distance Of All Pins (in brackets) AND the Latitude and Longitude of the Pin.

NEW - Video Recording And Playback
From the Map View press the Camera button
and then select Image or Video then Ok..
When the Image or Video has been taken select Save.
To Play Back the Video or Display the 
Picture taken by the Camera, select the 
Gallery button ( 4th button on bottom row ) , select from the gallery and then press 

NEW - Increased Map Height

Local restaurants,pubs and more
To get Local restaurants,pubs and more,press the Information Button (bottom left first button) and follow instructions.

To get Directions/Navigation,press the Directions Button (bottom left second button) and follow instructions.

NOW Display ANY Pictures From Your Phone
1. New Pin with no picture
Tap the map to display the blue dot where you wish to place your new picture. Now tap the new pin to display the empty InfoWindow.   

Tap the InfoWindow to display the Editor.

Press the New button to display the Gallery.
Select your new Picture from the Gallery
And press Ok

This will return you to the Editor screen where you must press Save to use this new picture and return to the Map screen.

2. Replace Existing Picture
Repeat the above procedure for an existing pin which already has a Picture.

Your Pictures
1. Tap Picture to enter your tags.

New Buttons 
Top Row
1. Pegman
This will display  Google Street View at your current position. 
Bottom Row.
1. Pegman with Your Pictures
This will display  Google Street View with your pictures.
2. Help Button - 1st on bottom row.
Convenient Help button available on this screen without having to go back to Main screen.

3, Directions Button - 2nd on bottom row. 
New Icon.

4. Blue Dot Tag Button - Full Location Info
This now displays your full Location info and accuracy if using GPS.

New E-Mail Share Feature
When Share button pressed to send Screen Shot E-Mail then full Location Info is displayed on E-Mail. 
Plus a link to display the location on Google Maps.

Selecting the link will display