There are two types of upload - Screen Shot and Gallery Picture uploads.

Screen Shot Upload
Go to the Map display. 

To display pics, see Introduction  for how to take pics with comments and tags.

Press the Share button (green share sign) to display the Share screen.

Select FaceBook and press Ok.
Follow the instructions and your screenshot of the map with your tagged picture will be uploaded to Facebook together with the Latitude and Longitude.

Gallery Picture Upload
Press the Gallery button to display the Gallery for your StreetView.

Touch the picture you wish to upload and press Display.

Press the green Share button.

This will display the picture to be uploaded to FaceBook together with the latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken (you can remove them if you wish). In this case -
Latitude = 51.513100
Longitude = -0.138833
(You can put these values into Google Maps and it will show you where the picture was taken.) 
Now you can type in a comment if you wish then press Send to upload your picture to FaceBook.

To display the place where this was taken, just enter the values as shown into Google Maps
51.513100  -0.138833
to display -