Radar And Missiles

There are two radar views. The central rectangular Visor Radar View and the circular Proximity Radar View.
When bringing the target into the red middle sight,press the norm button (to display slow) to give finer control of the rotation of the tank/helicopter.

 Visor Radar View
This will display any Enemy Missile,Tank or Gun
that is 20 degrees on either side of the red Target Sight and is within 300 meters of your tank/helicopter.
When a target enters the sight it displays a larger image and the name of the target is displayed below it. Incoming missile are yellow
Select lock and the target in the red  sight  will be locked, the image will be red and the helicopter will point to it until the missile has been fired.
Proximity Radar View
This will display the proximity of any Enemy Missile,Tank or Gun that is within 300 meters of the tank/helicopter  in all directions,
Your tank/helicopter in the center is blue as is your missile when you fire it.
Incoming missiles are yellow.
When a target is in the red visor target sight then the green image will display larger in this radar view also. When it has been selected then the image will be red.
Radar Targets
As you rotate your tank/helicopter you will find that your radar will pick up any of the following -
Enemy Missile
Enemy Gun
Enemy Tank
Enemy Missile
There are three types of enemy missiles -
              Launch Pad Missile
                Jet Fired Missile
          Helicopter Fired Missile
The enemy fires missiles at you periodically, increasing in frequency at each level.
The top white figures of
                    180 6
180 is the rotation of the turret and
6 is the elevation of the gun in degrees.
The white figures below this of
          Incoming at 179 deg:141m
179 deg is the direction in degrees of the approaching missile and
141m is the distance in meters of the missile,
To display the figures of
        Missile at 179deg:141m
then rotate your tank/helicopter  to  within plus or minus 2 degrees of the target.
To Lock the Radar Tracker onto the missile press Lock.
and you will see the message 
         LOCKED! Missile at 179deg:101m 
If you now move outwith 300 meters of the target it will be lost. 
Now press Fire to release your missile.
You can now see your missile on the Proximity Radar in blue as it hunts the enemy missile in red
Your missile will now track the enemy missile until  it has destroyed it or it hits another object in its path or you press Abort