Upload Score To Internet

Upload Score To Internet

To upload Score to Internet, select Scores.

Select View Your Previously Saved Scores.

Your Scores are automatically saved when  you complete all Levels and Finish a game successively.
But you can also save a game which has not completed all the Levels successively as shown in the above Table.
Touch Game Line that you wish to upload.
This will display Game number to upload
Select Upoad
If Tags have not been entered Select Details
and enter your Tags
Enter Tags
Select Details and enter Name,Country and City
These do not have to be your actual details if you do not wish just something that you can identify yourself with your uploaded Score in the Internet Top World Scores Table

Enter Tags then select Ok
You can enter whatever Tags you wish,
they are just so you can identify yourself from other peoples scores.

Select Game To Upload
Touch the Game you wish to upload, its number will appear in the Game white box.
Now select Upload and your Score will be displayed in the Internet Top World Scores Table if it is high enough.

View Internet Top Scores Table
Press View then select View Internet Top World Scores.

If your score is high enough it will be displayed.
Only the top 20 will be displayed