Skill Settings And Levels

Skill Settings
There are two Skill Settings -
Select them by pressing
             Menu->Low Skill
            Menu->High Skill
Low Skill
Selecting this will have the enemy Tank and Gun turrets rotating to fire their shells, and the enemy Missile will fire at a low frequency.
High Skill
Selecting this will make the  enemy Tank and Gun turrets track your position, and the enemy Missile will fire more often.
Level 1
You have entered a valley held by the enemy. To rescue your colleagues you must first breach the enemies outer defences and take the enemy outpost to use as your base in further levels. To achieve this-
1. Destroy the two enemy tanks on the wall.
2  Destroy the two enemy guns in the outpost.
3. Destroy the two enemy Aircraft.
4. Destroy the two enemy Helicopters.
Levels 2,3,4
To progress through each of these levels you must -
1. Destroy all enemy tanks.
2. Destroy all enemy guns.
3. Destroy all enemy Aircraft.
4. Destroy all enemy Helicopters.
5. Destroy the enemy Missile on its launch pad.
6. Rescue one of your colleagues and return    safely to your captured compound, To rescue a colleague, just move the tank over their position.
At each increasing level, the enemy missiles will fire at you more often.