Game Intro

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Armour BattleTank 3 by AppLab at
       This is a 70's type arcade game. Enjoy!

           NOW HERE
!  ver 1.0.32
New - Add 
Friend, Enemy Pictures either
           by the Camera or new Import facility.
           Give each character two
recorded voices     
rom any source you wish.

                Armour Battle Tank 3
      is a battle between You (blue soldier)             and 
Battle Tank 
Drone against 
your enemy (red soldier) and his/her Drones to save your friend (green soldier).
Replace the soldiers with images using your camera or imported from any source.
Add two voices to each soldier, two of which are auto and four activated by buttons.

You (
blue soldier
 with a picture of 
in history you admire.

your Enemy (
red soldier
) with a picture of your favourite villain in history.

Replace your Friend (
green soldier
) with a picture of someone you would wish to rescue.

Armour BattleTank 3

With Day Missions
Night Missions

Save/Share/Upload scores
NOW HERE!  ver 1.0.30
Armour Battle Tank is DRONE DESTROYER !!

Upload your scores
to world wide web site and compete
against players from all over the world.
Put your self, country, state, city at top
of list. 
See Upload Score To Internet for more details.

Share your scores with 
by E-Mail and Bluetooth.
With Scores storage you can 
save your scores to analyse and 
improve your performance
at each level and Skill setting for different
players. See Scores for more details.

Intro Screen

To begin Armour Helicopter right away press Continue on the Intro Page.
To put yourself or others in the game press Take Picture, Import Picture  or Voice Record. For more details see Put Yourself In The Game .
Scores can be selected at any time to see the current game score or previous scores.

Start Screen

For day or night time mission select Day/Nightfrom Menu then press New from Menu.
Then select Start from Menu.

Your Objective is to rescue all your colleagues from behind enemy lines.
There are 2 Skill Settings and 4 Levels within each setting. For a description see
For a description on using the Controls see
Level 1
You have entered a valley held by the enemy. To rescue your colleagues you must first breach the enemies outer defences and take the enemy outpost to use as your base in further levels. To achieve this-
1. Destroy the two enemy tanks on the wall.
2. Destroy the two enemy drones.
3  Destroy the two enemy guns in the outpost.
4. Destroy the two enemy Aircraft.
5. Destroy the two enemy Helicopters.
Levels 2,3,4
To progress through each of these levels you must -
1. Destroy all enemy tanks.
2. Destroy the two enemy drones.
3. Destroy all enemy guns.
4. Destroy all enemy Aircraft.
5. Destroy all enemy Helicopters.
6. Destroy the enemy Missile on its launch pad.
7, Rescue one of your colleagues and return    safely to your captured compound, To rescue a colleague, just move the tank over their position.

And you will see the message
         * Friend Picked Up * 
When you return to your base you will see the message
         * Friend Put Down *
You have a limited ammount of fuel for each level.
To earn more you must destroy the enemy fuel dumps.
You have a limited ammount of shells for each level. To gain more you must destroy the enemy ammo dumps.
You have a limited number of guided missiles for each level. To use them -
1. Locate a target on your radar and press Lock.
2. When the target is Locked, press FIre.
The missile will initially launch upwards then lock onto and seek out the target. If an object gets in its way it will explode. But the target will remain locked. To launch another missile, press Fire again or to deselect the target, press Lock again.
To abort a missile in flight press Abort.
For more details see Radar And Missiles 

Selecting the Menu you can -
Select           New (to end a game at any time)
Select           Start (to start new game)
Select          Tag (enter at start of new game to
                              identify multiple players)                                       
Select          Save (store your scores at end of 
Select          Scores (to view scores at any time)
Turn on/off   The Data Display (Fuel level etc) 
Turn on/off   The Data2 Display (Heading etc) 
Turn On/Off  The Radar Display
Turn On/Off  The Sound
Turn On/Off  The Voice
Turn On/Off  Vibrate
Select          Low/High Skill Levels
Select          Pause/Resume
Select          Day/Night (at start of new level to 
                                      earn extra points)


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