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Touch Screen
Fwd - Forward
Rev - Reverse
<---- - Rotate Anti-Clockwise
----> - Rotate Clockwise
Fire - Fire Canon
OK  - Begin/Resume Game,Drop Armour
Lock - Lock on target in Vertical Radar Site
AClw - Rotate Turret Anti-clockwise 
Clw   - Rotate Turret Clockwise
Zero  - Return Turret to Forward Position
The above actions continue while you touch the screen button. The touch rotate functions accelerate the longer you hold them.
Up - Forward
Down - Reverse
Left - Rotate Anti-Clockwise
Right - Rotate Clockwise
Press - Fire Cannon.
When using the Dpad control eg Roller Down for Reverse this is indicated by the corresponding Rev touch button going yellow and your tank will continue to move in reverse until you press the Dpad Fire or touch anywhere on the screen. If you do not then your fuel will continue to deplete. You can turn the Dpad controls on/off (except Fire) by selecting Menu->Dpad .
Sound is off when you first use Armour Battle 2 because some phones have problems with sound. But you can turn the sound effects on/off by selecting Menu-->Sound.