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Welcome to the range of Armour Battle Apps.
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When you first run Armour Battle you can start immediately. Just press OK.
Each game will be saved when you exit and you will be prompted to Continue when you return or to start a New game.
If you want to start a New game whilst playing then select Stop from the Menu then select New from the Menu.
By default you have dual controls of your Armoured BattleTank, the touch controls on the screen and the Dpad. Also you have Sound and initially you begin the game at Low Skill Level. All of these can be changed by pressing the Menu button.
Welcome to the Armour Battle game where the objective is to use your Armoured BattleTank in battle to gain as many points as possible on each level then proceed successfully up to the next one.There are 7 levels within each Low, Middle and High Skill Level.
To go to the next level in this game you must destroy all enemy Armoured BattleTanks, pick up one of your colleagues working behind enemy lines and return to base.
To pick one of them up place your Tank over them and the message
                        Friend Pickup 
will be displayed in the Status Window. And they will be coloured blue.
If all enemy Tanks have been destroyed and you return to base then they will be dropped off and you go to the next level.

As a bonus in this game you can also pick up the armoured walled defence in the enemy camp to gain extra points, increase your lives/armour level by one and to build up your defences. To pick it up place your tank over it.
And you will see the message
                  Armour Pickup
in the Status Window.
Now manouver your ArmouredTank to where you wish to place your armoured walled defence.To drop it press OK and you will see 
                  Armour Dropped
in the white status window.
Ammo can not pass through the armoured walled defence but your BattleTank can on the level you pick it up on.When your 3 lives/armour are gone, you lose the game.
Place your Armoured BattleTank over the fuel square at the top left of the screen and you will automatically refil it.This is useful as you lose the game when your fuel is gone. 
Place your Armoured BattleTank over the ammo square just below the airfield to restock your ammunition. .This is useful as it is not automatically refilled on completing a level. 
Complete Level 1
Now return to base with your colleague to complete the first level. If all enemy tanks have been destroyed your colleague will be dropped as you enter the base and you will have completed the level.